"Mzesumzira" is a precious creation and a result of the hard work of about 30 devoted people. Our amazing story started 7 years ago. At first we organized a few small gatherings that finally turned into "eZo Festival" with tones of mesmerizing parties. And in our very very humble opinion, they were magic - with its special vibes, atmosphere and energy.

Unfortunately, we don't really know if "eZo Festival" will ever take place again. The pandemic is hard on us too and we're out of resources. We've done everything that could have been done to survive, but there is a good chance we won't be able to make it to the end of the tunnel. We don't want to disappear so silently, after so many loud parties that spread nothing but happiness.  So, we came up with something like this:

If "Mzesumzira" is precious to you and you want to take part in its survival, you can do us a favor and receive pretty cool favors in return.

We've created several packages that will help us and, hopefully, provide you with some interesting gifts as well. If none of them suits you, or looks too expensive (well, the crisis affects us all), we would also gladly accept the donations - you can donate as much as you can. Any amount is equally important - in this case money means a lot, but support also matters.
If you can't help us financially, sharing the link will also do the thing.

Thank you very much and, hopefully, we'll meet again at the "eZo"